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Bit of work, and then I'm going to shut myself away and see if I can get , and to play nicely together with Auth0

Just tried to sign up for Auth0 to see if I could figure something out. Good start.

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I know this is impossible, but ideally it would be 'log into back end, enter url, api key' and bang! Instant shared auth between the sites. 🙂

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I really hope easy oneclick type solution for shared auth gets sorted out. I know discourse can act as a sso provider, but trying to make it work with matrix and jitsi was beyond me.

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Today is a frustrating one. With the explosion in working from home, I had a chance to try and sell open source solutions as the answer. I went for discourse, matrix and jitsi. Unfortunately we had such a horrible experience trying to hook them all together with shared authentication that my company has binned the idea off and we're now using MS teams. They'll never consider an open source solution again. One bad experience ruins it forever.

Been setting this RG-350. It's a great little system. Boots straight into emulation station so once I've copied files over should be ready to go!

They turned up after this photo was taken 😀👍

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Today is a "can't be arsed getting out of bed" type of day.

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"The Trustworthy AI story is a marketing narrative invented by industry. [...] Hence the Trustworthy AI narrative is, in reality, about developing future markets and using ethics debates as elegant public decorations for a large-scale investment strategy [...].

We are in a rapid historical transition that is taking place at many levels simultaneously. The window of opportunity within which we can control the future of AI will close in a few years' time."

Is this still on? Moved my instance from one server to another. I must have done something wrong as fedilab crashes when I log in now

Why can't I access the Facebook events api Mark!?

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Someone is thinking "shit"

No mention of federation though.

Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let’s start in these four areas. - The Washington Post

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