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"The Trustworthy AI story is a marketing narrative invented by industry. [...] Hence the Trustworthy AI narrative is, in reality, about developing future markets and using ethics debates as elegant public decorations for a large-scale investment strategy [...].

We are in a rapid historical transition that is taking place at many levels simultaneously. The window of opportunity within which we can control the future of AI will close in a few years' time."

Is this still on? Moved my instance from one server to another. I must have done something wrong as fedilab crashes when I log in now

Why can't I access the Facebook events api Mark!?

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Someone is thinking "shit"

No mention of federation though.

Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let’s start in these four areas. - The Washington Post

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Well, I know this has been going around the #fediverse a lot already, but it is such a great project, I think it can't be mentioned (and hopefully copied) often enough:

This is a very nice example:

-> a #Solar-powered, self-hosted website.


Just set up a server. So far so good!

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RT @Senficon

Breaking: @ManfredWeber and the @EPPGroup want the vote on #Article13 and the Copyright Directive moved ahead to next week to pre-empt the #SaveYourInternet/#StopACTA2 protests! We need a public outcry to stop this!


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This picture has such unbelievably powerful energy. I feel like I'm looking at a shackled god.

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@jeffalyanak @alcinnz People don’t want iOS, macOS, or Windows. People want to share their photos with their friends, chat to their loved ones, maybe write up a paper or play a game. No one ever wakes up saying “I want that operating system.”

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Things that are hard about building an SPA:

- Managing the back button yourself
- Managing scroll state yourself
- Managing focus state yourself

A lot of the nuts-and-bolts stuff that the browser is supposed to do automatically now becomes your responsibility. I think a lot of people underestimate this when building an SPA.

Thinking tonight might be the night to change from oxygen os to lineage. Saturday night is truly rock and roll night.

Hotel im staying in has a modem socket 😐

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