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I forgot more things:

- Messaging (Signal, Threema, Keybase, Wire)
- Git (Gitlab, Keybase)

We use Rocketchat and Discourse at Elephant Branded.

I run Solus on an X220 and don't hit any issues on a day to day basis.

It's easier now than its ever been to move away from data leaches like Google, Facebook, Microsoft.

Mostly for tech people though. Still not for the everyone.

Oh, and for email. Which is great and getting better all the time. I don't fancy self hosting email. Bit of a minefield.

Although there are drawbacks to snaps. Whenever I create a new doc with Nextcloud/Collabora it's in German, and with a snap there doesn't seem to be a way to change this 😐

Slowly moving from big tech is going well. So far I've got:

- this
- RSS reader (Miniflux)
- file storage (Nextcloud)
- Docs (Collabora Code)
- IRC (The Lounge)
- Photo backup (Nextcloud)
- Notes (Joplin - synced with nextcloud)
- Read it later (Wallabag)

All either docker images or snaps using lets encrypt. It's so much easier than it used to be!

Need a decent self hosted photo sharing app now.

I'm definitely sticking with this instance now. Definitely. Maybe.

Monkeydiesel is one server in the network