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Heute nehme ich euch bei #oneLeahADay mit auf meinen Abendspaziergang 🌄 #mastoart #photography (diesmal wieder die Empfehlung den Nachtmodus oder redshift am Gerät aus zu machen, sonst wird's zu hart bei dem Farben)

@Edent I agree, but I find a lot of Reddit posts fall into the "I've never heard of, or used, this technology, but have you tried..." There's useful info in there, but most of the answers are for the sake of writing something. I tend to skip them. I have more faith in SO or discourse forum answers. Way better than silos though!

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We're heading to Pennington Hall Park for another digital treasure hunt events! Join us at the Mayor's Jubilee Gala on Friday 3rd June for family fun finding royalty hidden around the park! starts at 1PM. For more info or to book tickets:
cya there!

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Anarchism, to me, means not only the denial of authority, not only a new economy, but a revision of the principles of morality. It means the development of the individual as well as the assertion of the individual. It means self-responsibility, and not leader worship.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

#anarchism #quote #bot

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This one visits every day. Way too big for the feeders I have.

I'd forgotten having a cat involved this happening a lot...

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A few things going on with this one that might not be obvious.
I'm controlling it with a headset that tracks my head and eye movement. It also has cameras in the eyeballs, streaming a stereo feed back to the headset. Where I look, it looks.

Another stewart platform for the mount - they're great for getting fluid and responsive motion out of cheap servos.

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The Milky Way rising over the natural boulders of Moeraki, New Zealand(credits unknown)

@phyushin If I can drag the kids away from Fortnite. About a 20% chance

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