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@matrix is there a guide to get shared Auth working with matrix? I've had a nightmare this week trying to get matrix, jitsi and discourse to have shared Auth. My company went with MS Teams in the end because we couldn't make it work. We couldn't even work out how to whitelist an email domain. I really wanted it to work but feeling really disheartened at the minute.

@matrix I don't understand how shared Auth is not a priority. It's so frustrating to me. I had a chance to convert to open source communication for my company, but I couldn't wire it all together, so the easy choice for them was MS teams. Gutted.

@matrix hi at first we tried to use discourse as the sso provider following this guide:

Then looked into auth0 and briefly at keycloak. It was always the case that if one thing worked with one service, we couldn't find documentation or figure out how to get it to work with the other services.


@matrix We're going to try and implement matrix, jitsi and discourse at a Hack Space I attend so will have more time to read up and work out what I'm doing wrong. I'm no expert. This week though time was against us.

May look more into Auth0 as that's what Mozilla use isn't it? I couldn't find any documentation as to how they managed to connect it to matrix though.

I'm definitely no expert with auth so need step by step guides 😀

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