Today is a frustrating one. With the explosion in working from home, I had a chance to try and sell open source solutions as the answer. I went for discourse, matrix and jitsi. Unfortunately we had such a horrible experience trying to hook them all together with shared authentication that my company has binned the idea off and we're now using MS teams. They'll never consider an open source solution again. One bad experience ruins it forever.

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I really hope easy oneclick type solution for shared auth gets sorted out. I know discourse can act as a sso provider, but trying to make it work with matrix and jitsi was beyond me.

I know this is impossible, but ideally it would be 'log into back end, enter url, api key' and bang! Instant shared auth between the sites. 🙂

Just tried to sign up for Auth0 to see if I could figure something out. Good start.

@alex ah that sucks :( hope they'll give it another chance some day. Have you looked into Keycloak by any chance?

@Gina thanks, I'll check it out. I was looking at Auth0 but it just seems like there's no easy way to hook it all together and no real documentation.

@Gina I've set this up now. Not done any auth with it yet though. See how I go. Thanks for the recommendation! 👍

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